Patriot Farm, LLC
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Welcome to Patriot Farm Dressage!

At Patriot Farm, everything we do is for the respect and love of horses.  Our team is centered around taking the best care of you and your equine partner.  We specialize in adult amateurs who want to form a deeper bond & partnership with their horse while enjoying the health and harmony learning dressage can bring. 

Don’t want to show?  No problem!  Just enjoy a lesson program specifically tailored to you and your horse.
You can enjoy training all year in our indoor riding hall!

Don't have a "dressage horse"?  Dressage is for all horses!  We work with all types of horses and riders and give a special introductory rate to anyone who has adopted a rescue horse.

We also offer Western Dressage Program by our trainer, an NAWD-licensed Western Dressage Judge!

We hope to bring classical dressage to everyone who would like learn just as we've been taught by some of the classical riding masters!

God bless & good riding!

Marty & Anna & our mascot Pferdechen



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